Various Printing Options

Introduction of Various Printing Options

This printer provides you with a variety of different printing options. You can print in various formats, or can print using many different types of paper.

The following explains the procedure for each type of printing. Choose the appropriate method for your printing needs.

Double-Sided Printing

Lets you print on both sides of paper.

Fit to Page Printing

Lets you automatically enlarge or reduce the size of your document to fit the paper size you selected.

Pages Per Sheet Printing (Windows), N-up Printing (Macintosh)

Lets you print two or four pages on a single sheet.

Poster Printing

Lets you enlarge a single document page to cover four, nine, or 16 printed sheets of paper and put them together to make a poster.

Watermark Printing

Lets you print a text or image as a watermark on your printout.

For example, you can put "Confidential" on an important document.

Printing on Single Sheets

Lets you print on various sizes or kinds of single-sheet paper.

Printing on Envelopes

Lets you print on envelopes.