Removing Dust Marks from Film and Slides

Using the Dust Removal feature in EPSON Scan’s Full Auto or Professional Mode, you can virtually “clean” the dust marks from film or slides as you scan them.

Original image

Dust Removal applied

  • Before scanning your film or slides, carefully remove any dust that you can see on them.

Follow these steps to remove dust marks from film or slides using EPSON Scan:

Place your original film strip or slide(s) on the scanner. See Placing Film or Slides.

Start EPSON Scan. See one of these sections for instructions:

When the EPSON Scan window appears, do one of the following, depending on the currently selected scan mode:

  • Professional Mode: go to step 4.

  • Full Auto Mode: click the Customize button, then click the Specify document type for Full Auto Mode checkbox and select Film, if necessary. Then click the Dust Removal checkbox and click OK. Continue with step 9.

  • In Full Auto Mode, you can scan only 35 mm color negative film strips or slides. To scan black and white film or slides, or medium format film, use Home or Professional mode.

Select the basic settings for your film strip or slide(s), then select the destination setting for the way you will use your images. See Selecting Basic Settings for instructions.

Click the Preview button to preview your images, then select your scan area. See Previewing and Adjusting the Scan Area for instructions.

Scroll down to the Adjustments area and click the Dust Removal checkbox. If you want to increase or decrease the level of the dust removal effect, click the + (Windows) or (Macintosh) button next to the option and select a setting in the Level list.

  • You can reduce the appearance of surface roughness in your film or slide(s) by clicking the Grain Reduction checkbox. Click the + (Windows) or (Macintosh) button and select a Level setting to adjust its effect, if necessary.

  • The result of the dust removal does not appear in the image in the Preview window. You must scan the image first.

Make any other necessary image adjustments. See Adjusting the Color and Other Image Settings for instructions.

Size your image as necessary. See Selecting the Scan Size for instructions.

Click the Scan button to scan and remove dust marks in your image(s).

    What happens next depends on how you started EPSON Scan. See Finishing the Scan for details.