Starting a Scan With EPSON Scan

If you want to scan film or slides and save them directly to files, you can start EPSON Scan as a “standalone” program.

Do one of the following to start EPSON Scan:

    Double-click the EPSON Scan icon on your desktop.

    Or select Start > All Programs or Programs > EPSON Scan > EPSON Scan.

    Mac OS X:
    Open the Applications folder and click the EPSON Scan icon.

    The EPSON Scan standby window appears:

If the Mode setting in the upper right corner of the window is set to Full Auto Mode, click the Scan button. (For instructions on selecting optional settings, seeUsing Full Auto Mode.)

  • In Full Auto Mode, you can scan only 35 mm color negative film strips or slides. To scan black and white film or slides, or medium format film, use Home or Professional mode.

  • If you are in Home Mode or Professional Mode, you see the EPSON Scan settings window. For instructions, see Selecting Basic Settings.

The File Save Settings window appears. For instructions on selecting options, see Selecting File Save Settings.

When you are finished selecting File Save Settings, click OK. EPSON Scan starts scanning in Full Auto Mode.

The scanned image is automatically saved in the specified location.

    If the Open image folder after scanning checkbox is selected in the File Save Settings window, Windows Explorer or the Macintosh Finder automatically opens to the folder where the scanned image was saved.