Unpacking the Automatic Document Feeder

The Automatic Document Feeder (B81339) allows you to automatically load multiple-page documents into your scanner. This is particularly useful for scanning documents for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and for quickly creating an image database.

Make sure you have all the items illustrated below. If any items are missing or damaged, contact your Epson dealer immediately.

When you are ready to install the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), see Installing the Automatic Document Feeder.

Automatic Document Feeder

Paper support

Holds up the paper that is loaded in the ADF.

Spare paper path guide

The paper path guide directs documents smoothly onto the scanner's document table. A spare paper path guide is included. If the surface of the paper path guide gets dirty, you can clean it or replace it with the spare guide. See Cleaning and Replacing the Paper Path Guide for details.

ADF Document Mat

You can place this mat over a document if you need to scan it from the document table when the ADF is installed. See Placing Documents on the Document Table With the Automatic Document Feeder Installed for instructions.