Installing the Automatic Document Feeder

Whenever you want to use the ADF, you need to remove the scanner cover and replace it with the ADF.

Exit EPSON Scan and turn off your scanner using its power switch.

Disconnect the cover cable.

Open the scanner cover.

Pull the scanner cover straight up and off the scanner.

Remove the tape and other packing materials from the ADF.

Insert the hinge posts on the ADF into the holes in the top of the scanner, at the back edge. Then close the ADF.

Connect the ADF cable to the scanner’s OPTION port.

Slide the paper support into its slot on the edge of the sheet feeder on the ADF.

To load documents into the ADF, see Loading Documents in the Automatic Document Feeder.


If you need to scan documents or photos from the document table glass while the ADF is installed, follow the instructions in Placing Documents on the Document Table With the Automatic Document Feeder Installed.