Scanning / Scanning with EPSON Smart Panel

Overview of EPSON Smart Panel

Starting EPSON Smart Panel

EPSON Smart Panel allows you to scan and send data directly to an assigned application, or the EPSON photo-sharing site. You can also obtain photos and documents in digital form quickly and easily.

When you install the scanner software, EPSON Smart Panel is also installed at the same time. For information on the EPSON Smart Panel installation, see "Installing the Softwere"on Setup Sheet.

Starting EPSON Smart Panel

Follow the steps below to start EPSON Smart Panel.

For Windows users:
Click Start, point to All Programs (for Windows XP users) or Programs (for Windows Me, 98, or 2000 users) and then EPSON Smart Panel, then click EPSON Smart Panel.

For users of Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x:
Click Apple and EPSON Smart Panel.

For Mac OS X users:
Double-click the Applications folder in Macintosh HD, and then double-click the Smart Panel folder. Finally, double-click the EPSON Smart Panel icon.

The EPSON Smart Panel window appears.

To access an application, click its application icon in the window. See Applications in the EPSON Smart Panel Window for details about the applications available. For details, see the EPSON Smart Panel online help.