Replacing an Expended Ink Cartridge

You can replace an ink cartridge using the printer buttons or using your computer. Refer to the appropriate section below for instructions.
Do not open the ink cartridge package until you are ready to install it in the printer. The cartridge is vacuum packed to maintain its reliability.

Using the printer buttons

For information on using the printer’s buttons, see the booklet.

Using your computer

You can monitor the ink cartridge status from your computer and view on-screen instructions for replacing a low or expended ink cartridge.
When you need to replace an ink cartridge, click How to in the EPSON Status Monitor window. Follow the on-screen instructions to replace the cartridge.
For more information on using your computer to replace ink cartridges, see the section below.
See Using EPSON Status Monitor 3 (Windows)
See Using EPSON StatusMonitor (Mac OS X)