Digital ICE and Digital ICE Lite

Your scanner and its EPSON Scan software are equipped with the Digital ICE and Digital ICE Lite features that remove stubborn dust or scratch marks from color film or slides.

Original image

Digital ICE applied

Digital ICE can remove dust marks that the Dust Removal feature cannot. However, it takes longer to scan using Digital ICE and also uses more of your system resources. It is best to try removing dust marks using Dust Removal before using Digital ICE. See Dust Removal for details.

For instructions on using Digital ICE to restore damaged images as you scan, see Removing Dust and Scratch Marks from Film and Slides Using Digital ICE.

  • You cannot use Dust Removal and Digital ICE at the same time.

  • Do not use Dust Removal or Digital ICE to scan film or slides that do not contain dust or scratch marks; otherwise your scanned image may be distorted or blurred.

  • You cannot use Digital ICE when scanning printed photos on the document table.