Adjusting the Scanned Image

Epson Scan offers a variety of settings for improving color, sharpness, contrast, and other aspects affecting image quality.
Provides a graphical interface for adjusting highlight, shadow, and gamma levels individually.
Tone Correction
Provides a graphical interface for adjusting tone levels individually.
Image Adjustment
Adjusts brightness and contrast and the balance of red, green, and blue colors in the overall image.
Color Palette
Provides a graphical interface for adjusting mid-tone levels, such as skin tones, without affecting the highlight and shadow areas of the image.
Unsharp Mask
Sharpens the edges of image areas.
A ripple or cross-hatch pattern (known as moiré) may appear in a scanned image of a printed document.
Color Restoration
Restores the colors in faded photos automatically.
Backlight Correction
Removes shadows from photos that have too much background light.
Dust Removal
Removes dust marks from your originals automatically.
Text Enhancement
Enhances text recognition when scanning text documents.
Auto Area Segmentation
Scans text in Black&White and applies grayscale to any images in the document.
Scans without the selected color.
Color Enhance
Enhances the selected color.
See help for details on Epson Scan.