Printing / Basic Printing Information

Loading Single Sheets of Paper

This section provides instructions on how to load paper in the sheet feeder.

Leave enough space in front of this product for paper to be fully ejected.

Lower the output tray, and then slide out the extension.

Move the feeder guard towards you.

Fan a stack of paper, and then tap it on a flat surface to even the edges.

Slide out the left edge guide. Load the stack of paper with the printable side up so it is resting against the right side of the feeder, and then slide the edge guide against the paper.

  • Always load paper into the sheet feeder's short edge first.
  • Use the line on the feeder guard as an indicator when loading paper. The right edge of paper is aligned with the line on the feeder guard.
  • Make sure that the paper stack fits under the arrow mark inside the edge guide.

Set the feeder guard back.

If the paper is curled, flatten it or curl it slightly toward the opposite side before loading. Printing on curled paper may cause ink to smear on your printout.