Cleaning the Stylus CX

To keep this product operating at its best, clean it thoroughly several times a year.

Make sure this product is turned off and all of its lights are off. Then unplug the power cord.

Remove all paper from the sheet feeder.

Use a soft brush to carefully clean away all dust and dirt.

If the outer case or the inside of the sheet feeder is dirty, clean it with a soft, clean cloth dampened with mild detergent. Keep the document and scanner unit closed to prevent moisture from getting inside.

If the document table is dirty, open the document cover. Then clean the glass with a soft, clean and dry cloth, or with a blower brush.

If the inside of this product accidentally gets soiled with ink, wipe the ink away with a damp cloth.

Be careful not to touch the internal gears.

  • Never use alcohols or thinners to clean this product; these chemicals can damage the components as well as the case.
  • Be careful to keep water away from the printing and scanning mechanisms and electronic components.
  • Do not use a hard or abrasive brush.
  • Do not spray the inside of this product with lubricants; unsuitable oils can damage the mechanisms. Contact your dealer or a qualified service person if lubrication is needed.