Scanning / Various Scanning Options

Choosing the Appropriate Scanning Mode for Your Scanning

EPSON Scan provides three modes for you to make any scanning settings: Full Auto Mode, Home Mode, and Professional Mode.

Full Auto Mode:
The Full Auto Mode makes scanning simple, freeing you from complex settings or adjustments.

Home Mode:
The Home Mode enables you to adjust the basic image settings for scanned images.

Professional Mode:
In the Professional Mode, there are many options available to give you greater control over your scanning. You can sharpen, correct or enhance your images before scanning them in the Professional Mode.

The following table indicates the suitable mode to use according to the scanning purpose.


Full Auto Mode

Home Mode

Professional Mode

Defining target size


Optimizing brightness and color of image


Removing moire patterns


Optimizing text or line art scanning


Scanning document larger than document table



Restoring color faded image


: Recommended
: Supported

You can choose and change the scanning mode, see Choosing and Changing the Scanning Mode for details.